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OhCoolstule™ Fishing Lure Power-driven Robotic Multi Jointed 13cm 35g - OhCoolstule
OhCoolstule™ Fishing Lure Power-driven Robotic Multi Jointed 13cm 35g - OhCoolstule
OhCoolstule™ Fishing Lure Power-driven Robotic Multi Jointed 13cm 35g - OhCoolstule
OhCoolstule™ Fishing Lure Power-driven Robotic Multi Jointed 13cm 35g - OhCoolstule

OhCoolstule™ Fishing Lure Power-driven Robotic Multi Jointed 13cm 35g

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OhCoolstule™ Power-driven Lure combines technology with the lure to make fishing easier. It is a battery-powered, rechargeable lure that has an electric propeller on its nose which allows it to swim completely on its own. No reeling or technique by the angler necessary. Great for kids and anyone who is just getting introduced to fishing. And it is also designed for those who pursue environmentally friendly and fashionable lure fishing. 

 Easier and effortless to attract fish than the normal bait😎😎

     How do you use it & how does it work?

    When you find out the fishing spots. All you need to do is to cast the power-driven lure out and do nothing. (remember to tie a the given bobber above the lure)
    The lure will move and work itself under the bobber without having to reel or move the rod at all. 😉

    It swims, stops, and swims again at random intervals while changing directions, simulating live baits with its erratic movements. Most game fish can’t resist their urges to strike, especially when the power-driven lure turns its back and provides multiple opportunities for an ambush. If you know how vivid it works, you will know why most of the anglers are crazy about it. 


    • To simulate the swimming behavior of real fish, the Power-driven lure will rest for a while after 5-second wobbling. 
    • Rest for 3 seconds to give the big fish a chance to prey. 
    • The same wobbling process loops for about 1 hour

      Propeller: powerful and lasting 
      Realistic Body: high resolution with ABS material 
      3D Eyes: more attractive and real 
      Hooks: sharp and strong

      USB Charging Battery: reusable and safe 
      Metal Connection: multi-section design,exquisite processing 
      LED Light: Suitable for night fishing about fish's phototaxis 
      Steel Ball: making voice to attract fish

      Charging Method: 

      • Insert the red wire to the positive pole and the black wire to the negative pole respectively. 
      • The rechargeable battery is energy-efficient and waterproof and featured with a long life span.


      1.  For longer service time, you are supposed to wash the lure thoroughly with fresh water once you get it off from the water.
      2.  The hooks are sharp, please be careful when using them.



      I got mine. Thanks!! I showed to my partners and didn't tell them what would happen and it freaked them out!! This lure made me catch a big fish. Excellent!!


      1. What is the maximum weight that the lure can withstand? Will it be easy to broken and bitten by fish? 

      It is 15KG. Generally, it depends on fishing skills, big fishes also can be pulled up if your fishing skill is good.

       2. How long is the fishing lure’s life?

      About 300 times. If it is often hit by big fishes,it may be about 10 times.

      3. What is the attentions of using in seawater and freshwater?

      No special attention. It is usually used in fresh water or shallow sea,not be used in the deep sea.

      4. Will the battery’s life be affected during ice fishing? What is the comparative reference value?

      The lithium battery will definitely be affected by low temperature. The output performance of lithium battery is affected at below 0℃, and the performance of the battery is significantly deteriorated below -20℃. The battery can only emit 30% or less of the rated capacity at -20℃.

      5. Does the fishing lure need to keep away from fishes with sharp teeth?

      As it is steel hook,not cloth hook,it does not affect the use of the lure,but the using life will be affected by the fishes of middle size.

      6. How to ensure that the lure will be no leakage of electricity in the water?

      Using a waterproof circuit board inside and ensure that the water will not go in through a soft pad.

       7. Can the battery of the lure be replaced?

      It can not. As the lure is a consumable, it is usually damaged by the fish when it is not needed to be replaced.

       8. How to judge whether the lure is fully charged?

       The red light will go out when fully charged.